The Psychology of "Selfies" ~ Weigh In


So - I'm kind of fascinated with the psychology behind "selfies" right now. (If you've never heard the term, a selfie is a self-portrait taken primarily these days via Instagram.) I tried to find one of myself on my Instagram feed, but the picture above is the best I could come up with which is actually more of a selfie of my 4 month old.

It seems so simple - a self-portrait - but it's not.

Personally, when I see a selfie, I can't help but wonder what is going through someones head when they take the picture. Sometimes it's obvious - they feel great and it's shining through. These are the pics that make me smile. I love them.

Sometimes an insecurity is just as obvious. It almost hurts to look.

But, it's the individuals that consistently take their own pics that really make me think.

Is it narcissism? Or is it simply healthy self-esteem? (You can listen in to The Current on CBC where Anna Maria Tremonti chatted about this subject on Jan. 30th, 2013.)

I don't have any major declarations on the subject, it just fascinates me. The ever changing landscape of social media is providing us with no shortage of new social experiments.

I'd love to hear your thoughts - do you follow anyone on Instagram that goes heavy on the selfies? Do you think it's just healthy self-esteem or do you lean toward narcissism?