Meatless Monday ~ Simple Vegetarian Pasta Dishes

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Dinner time in my home is usually quite chaotic, despite my best efforts. I feed a total of six people every night, my own little family, and my parents who are living with us. It is tough to please everyone and keep costs relatively low, so I often opt for a quick and simple pasta dish to fill everyone up and keep tastebuds happy.

Although we are not gluten-free around here, I try to limit how much gluten we consume when possible. Instead of white pasta or whole wheat (which my kids refuse to eat) I buy Rizopia brown rice pasta, it is a bit more expensive than white pasta, but I usually stock up when it's on sale!

I have served this pasta to many different people, and the verdict is always the same - it takes exactly like white pasta, and often times people think it's homemade! The trick with this pasta is to separate it right away and stir it quite a bit for the first few minutes to break it up, it is very starchy. My other recommendation is to rinse the pasta, which I would never do with regular pasta. (It also gets pretty mushy when it's leftover and I'd love if anyone had a tip to avoid this).

For this weeks Meatless Monday recipe round up, I thought I would share some tasty vegetarian pasta  dishes that can feed a crowd. I picked ones that I make variations of regularly, some have dairy and some are dairy-free. Many "cheesy" type pasta recipes that are healthy feature Nutritional Yeast, and I have learned the hard way that I have a severe sensitivity to it and am a bit concerned my kids may too, so I don't cook with it. But I would recommend substituting the cheese with Nutritional Yeast if you can eat it, as it is extremely delicious.


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