Meatless Monday ~ Sweet Potato Love

Easy Sweet Potato & Chickpea Spread ~ She Let Them Eat Cake

I LOVE sweet potatoes. They are versatile and it is super easy to sneak them into other foods to kick up the nutritional content a notch . They are jampacked with goodies such as vitamin C, manganese, copper, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, potassium and iron.

Not only are they healthy, but they can add creaminess and richness to a dish that might only come from somewhere in the dairy family otherwise. Often times I will roast a sweet potato or two, mash them, and add them to a variety of dishes including - risotto for creaminess, soups and stews as a thickener, pot pies, pastas, etc... The possibilities are endless.

Last weeks Meatless Monday post featured a variety of Autumn-Inspired dishes, and this week I plan to keep the momentum going with the sweet potato. Though I use it year round, it definitely seems like appropriate timing to feature it, with the Canadian Thanksgiving just around the corner.

Below (and above) is a round-up of my favourite dishes made using sweet potato as its star ingredient!

Sweet Potatoes Mash ~ Healthy Happy Life

Cauliflower Sweet Potato Latkes ~ The Family Dinner

Sweet Potato Stacks ~ Smorgasbite

Sweet Potato Salad ~ Exclusively Food

Vegan Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas ~ Choosing Raw

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