Michael Moore Talks Capital Punishment, Wall Street With Piers Morgan

Did you happen to catch Academy-Award winner Michael Moore sit down with Piers Morgan Monday night? Moore visited the CNN host to promote his new book, Here Comes Trouble. The two discussed Capital Punishment, Capitalism, potential GOP Presidential candidates, Obama's Jobs Act, and other hot topics.

Overall, I am in agreement with the Moore's opinions on many topics. I am grateful that there is someone out there who is willing to bring awareness to controversial subjects. He is not concerned about being disliked.

The one conversation I found particularly interesting was regarding Capital Punishment. In Canada, Capital Punishment was abolished in 1976, long before I was born. The last death by Capital Punishment was in 1962, so it's not something you hear about often as a Canadian.

One of Moore's concerns is that some of those on Death Row waiting for their execution could be innocent. He said that many inmates come from poverty and can't afford proper legal representation. On his blog, he revealed that murder rates are lower in States that do not have Capital Punishment, and that 1/2 of those who were executed in Illinois alone (11 out of 22,) were proven afterward to be innocent.

Always interesting to hear what Michael Moore has to say about the current state of America. Though he is controversial, I am always struck by how devoted he is to his country. He throws the term "Un-American" around quite a bit, proving his ideals for the country are high.

Food for thought. Especially with the US election coming up in 2012.