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"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself." - Wayne Dyer


Lately I can't help but notice judgment everywhere I turn - and frankly, I have judgment fatigue. I just want a break from it. From hearing it, from doing it. All of it. We're all guilty of it, but lately it seems like the air of judgment is thick within the imaginary walls of the internet. As hard as I try not to judge others, it still happens and as I wrote over on Kris Carr's blog, it makes me feel terrible.

As a remedy - I'm declaring the week of March 18th, Non-Judgment week.

A week where anyone who is interested can join me in spending 7 full days enjoying the peace that comes along with viewing others with a kind heart. Perhaps you'll enjoy it so much, it will help you to continue on after the 7 days are complete. Sometimes we just need a kick-start.


Just for 7 days:

Don't assume that the way you do something or would do something is the best  or the right way.

Don't criticize others choices or lifestyles

Don't scoff at someone who has different opinions than you

Just for 7 days.... Can you do it?

If you sign up and take the pledge below, you'll receive reminders each day for the week which will help you on with your journey - some of my favorite quotes on non-judgment. I also encourage bloggers to join in and write about the topic on the Wednesday during this week, and I'll have a link up available here.

Sign up below to take the Non-Judgment Pledge, spread the word, grab the badge!

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Non-Judgment Week
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