Wisdom Wednesday ~ A Quote from Eleanor Roosevelt


I know I am not the only one that has a relationship with Fear. Our history together is long, and though it doesn't present itself in the same ugly way that it used to, it certainly makes an appearance when it's not invited. For today's Wisdom Wednesday post, I am sharing an inspiring quote from Eleanor Roosevelt about Fearlessness.

One of my most recent bouts with Fear was before I headed to BlogHer Writers in NYC. My first time in the big city not knowing a soul, with my book proposal in hand. I had some doubt as the date drew near, but I knew I had to do it. Synchronistically, at the peak of my doubt one morning, I received a Newsletter from Tara Mohr.

I have written about her before. She is an amazing poet, life-coach, and author. She organized the Girl Effect campaign that I participated in, and was amazing throughout the entire process. This fateful morning her newsletter was all about Fear, and the way it presents itself. She wrote,


Sometimes, I think that when I get really worked up in fear about something, it means that the thing itself is not a great fit for me. But the opposite is often true: I get all wound up in fear about the things I am most passionate about, the opportunities that are best aligned with who I really am."


I hope you have a chance to head over and read Tara's post. I also hope that next time you feel that fear, you can acknowledge its presence and continue on with your journey without looking back. If you are linking up this week, please do so below! Can't wait to read your posts!